How to Do Assisted Pull-ups

Wednesday, August 12, 2009 21:28
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At my weight loss studio we try to get everyone doing exercises that really challenge the body and forceHow to do assisted pull-ups it to become stronger. One of those exercises is the pull-up, but not everyone has the upper body strength right away to complete them. Therefore, for those clients that can’t complete any repetitions pulling up their own body weight we have them use resistance bands to give them some assistance.

Here’s how to do assisted pull-ups:
1. Loop a resistance or “monster” band around the pull-up bar
2. Pull the band down so that it hangs around your hip height
3. Place one knee in the bottom loop
4. Grab the bar with both hands and let the band stretch down
5. Pull yourself up allowing the band to help you
6. Lower yourself slowly stretching the band again
7. Repeat for 8-10 repetitions

Tips to remember:
1. You may need to try different band thicknesses until you find a band that allows you to complete 8-10 reps with good form
2. Once you can complete the full amount of reps move down to a thinner band
3. If you are a true beginner I would first start with chin-ups (palms facing you) since they are easier to do
4. After you can do chin-ups with your own body weight you can then switch over to (assisted) pull-ups.

One note is that we always complete a few weeks of shoulder and back strengthening exercises before beginning assisted pull-ups. Some of those exercises include rotator cuff strengtheners and lat pulldowns to get accustomed to the vertical pulling movement. Also, keep in mind that although pull-ups are hard work the effort is well worth it in terms of body composition benefits!

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