How to tackle common weight loss problems

Saturday, March 19, 2011 15:06
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Today we are bringing together a number of problems or issues with people who have undergone weight loss.  These are common problems that truly affect them. These problems have been there for ages, and those who aspire to lose weight have over time encountered at least one or two of them.

Unfortunately a lot of individuals give in to these problems and eventually give up on their weight loss plan. Depending on how you view it, we can say that there is nothing wrong with the strategies by taking the view that the challenges we encounter along are just simply tough.. The question now is, “how can one tackle common weight loss problems?”. Let’s check them out.

Fear of Exercise

Have you heard of that? Some people actually fear or loathe exercise, but since exercise is part of the plan they must carry on. What they do though is to skip sessions, or even totally give up on that part of the plan. Of course, you are only setting yourself up to fail. Fear of exercise is based around our thinking. Pre-programmed thoughts lead to you to think that exercise is tiresome, is hard, is painful, requires time, and has little effect. All of these negative thoughts serve to generate lack of action and a feeling of malaise.  So what you need to do is to accept the importance of exercise and to appreciate the beauty of it, instead of fearing it.

Experience exercise and feel it. Sometimes we haven’t really tried working out and yet we are already complaining!  Keep in mind that exercise gives you more energy and more strength. Some people do exercise to help them stay awake and keep active, so exercise has benefits that you can feel, and of course that includes weight loss. To appreciate the beauty of it, there is no need to visit the gym. Instead focus on small exercises that you can do at home.  A brisk walk perhaps or a simple leg raise is good. Try to do them at your own pace, don’t go beyond your comfort level, just go steady. Soon enough you’ll see  and experience the benefits.

The wrong concept of dieting

People starve themselves to lose weight or sometimes skip breakfast. Some people also change diets drastically. Others think that supplements are enough or fad diets are the best. All of these will definitely not help you.  When it comes to dieting, a balance approach is  needed and there are actually some good practices to follow.

Skipping meals or starving is not a good idea at all. It slows down metabolism and gives you less productivity. Additionally today everything is created as being simple and fast,  but this development is not beneficial to dieting. These kinds of diet will only slow you down and build up a lot of calories. The best diet  consists of low calories and high fiber. They may come from complex carbohydrates in fruit and vegetables, good oils, protein, etc. These form the optimum diet plan, so using  fad diets or supplements will not give you significant results.

Remember that you are no superman and that applies to changes in your diet. So lower calorie intake or a change in your preferred diet should be gradual as this way you’ll be able to manage  the change. If you try and hasten matters along you have a high chance of failure. So go slowly and steadily.

Lack of motivation

Lack of a weight loss motivation is a common factor in why people fail. Understand that motivation will not always be present. That’s why you will have to find ways to keep yourself motivated. A good way to do it is to have a friend to constantly remind you. He, or she, may share the same endeavors that you have, so you can both give advice to each other. Other ways include ensuring you entertain positive thinking that all will right in the end. People worry so much about their weight that they end up doing nothing about it.  They have wasted all their time worrying. That’s why you should focus on small things that makes you happy and make  you feel good. It could be a small goal to reach such as  joining 5km runs or similar. In fact, to keep active with regular exercise is one way to motivate yourself and obtain relief you from stress.


Lastly a common issue is boredom. Boredom is a very great time for temptation. You may eat, or you may slouch around etc. When you are bored you are prone to these things. The best advice is to stay active and yourself occupied. Never allow yourself to be placed in a lonely or boring position for a long time. Keep going, move about and reach out to your goals.

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