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Thursday, June 17, 2010 13:30
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I have tried every diet imaginable and been successfull at losing but never kept it of. In 2009 i lost 4 stone on sure slim but i have put 2 and a half of that back on cause i always revert back to my old eating habits

so i decided to see if i could deal with my eating issues once and for all.

I was wondering if anyone ever tried hypno band therapy i started this 3 weeks ago and am due to have the surgery (hypnosis to belive ive had a gastric band fitted) on friday .
i started with an initial consultation then have had 2 hypno therapy sessions since to lead up to the day of surgery. As of yet i dont feel much different although i have been sick a few times after i have eaten to much which is unheard of for me as i have no stopping mechanism.

I would be really interested if any of you have had any experiance of this treatment i really do hope it helps me.

wish me luck

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