I Need Help Losing 130 Pounds [Forum]

Thursday, October 28, 2010 11:32
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i’m only 15 years old and i’m in desperate need of help losing weight. at first i didnt feel fat because i dont look it, cause im mixed with black & white. i have a huge butt (i wear like a 18 i think). but i have other things too like a stomach and some thighs. but i want to be rid of them. i weigh 224. thats too huge. and im very self concious. i dont take being mean to me well so please be nice.

i need tips on losing like 130 pounds as quick as humanly possible. i want to be at the very least 100 pounds and at the very most 129. i hate being huge. the only reason my weight caught my attention is because only two and a half years ago at this time i was 180. i’m only 5’6.5. so i know that i’m really huge. people at school have even brought it to my attention that i’m getting bigger, even my boyfriend, but he said it in a nice way. please help me out.

i thought about vomiting and the whole laxative thing but i dont know the outcome. different people say different things. i dont feel the whole exercise thing going on in my life cause i never have time for anything. and i dont eat that much. oh and i’m on the birth control depo shot if that helps anything.

Any suggestions???

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