JK Wedding Entrance Dance

Wednesday, July 29, 2009 18:10
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IMG_3835.JPGThere’s nothing that makes me want to get up and move more than watching the JK Wedding Entrance Dance. Have you seen it? My husband and I were blown away when we caught The Today Show recreation on Saturday morning at the local deli (and I haven’t stopped talking about it since). It was awesome! From the first minute of the dance to the last everyone in the store including my kids, the cooks, and a police officer were bopping around and SMILING! Now that’s the power of dance. My husband and I just wish we would have boogied down the aisle at our wedding. What a great idea! The boys and I have watched it over and over again since seeing it. And of course the song “Forever” is on repeat when I run. Don’t miss it!



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