June Q&A (6.1.09-6.30.09)

Saturday, August 1, 2009 3:15
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Q: I decided to check out the my pyramid I put in my meals for the day and
I do not meet my balance range for grains, fruit, veg, milk, meat and
beans. I have surpassed my oils and I haven’t even reached my 2000
calories for the day. It’s too late to change my menu for the day but I
really need to change some things. I thought I was eating healthy. trinichiq

A: You probably are eating healthy but a little planning goes a long way when it comes to eating a balanced intake within your needs. If the idea of MyPyramid (eating by counting food group portions not calories) is new to you, try using some of the site’s resources like the menu planner and the portion charts. It’ll take a little time to adjust to this way of thinking but in the end I support it because you become more aware of what your needs are. eatlikeme
Q: i was wondering how you were going about getting back into your
pre-baby shape? do you keep up the same amount of exercise as usual?
how many miles do you usually walk/day on average? BCeagles

A: I have been walking as usual and now I am starting to run again because I got a jogging stroller and can go with Will (there was not enough time in the day to get running in on my own before so this stroller has been great). I get my strength training in through everyday activities with a 20+ pound boy. All the picking him up and carrying him up and down several flights of stairs several times a day has toned my arms right up. To be honest getting back to my pre-baby shape is not at the top of my priority list. I know I am active everyday but I don’t feel the need (or have the time) to commit a portion of my day to organized exercise now. eatlikeme
Q: I’ve seen a few Bush Beans commercials where they refer to beans as
veggies. Can you explain how you decide to count beans as a protein or
a vegetable? Is it personal choice? Or are some beans more
“vegetable-like” than others. I eat a ton of beans so this topic is
very interesting to me! Thanks runmegs08

A: Beans as well as dried peas contain protein and iron like meat does but they also contain fiber and micronutrients like vegetables do. There is a daily vegetable recommendation (usually about 2 cups) but there is also a breakdown of how you should meet your vegetable intake throughout the course of week. The vegetables sub-groups are as follows: dark green vegetables, orange vegetables, starchy vegetables, dry beans & peas and other vegetables. These subgroups further help you to achieve a good balance of macro and micronutrients (vitamins and minerals, phytochemicals) in your diet. If you fill your protein needs with meat then you can count beans as veggies (up to the recommended amount of the sub-group) but if you don’t eat a lot of meat then you count them as Meat & Beans. Here is nice link from the website to explain further. eatlikeme
Q: I’ve only ever tried eggplant in Baba Ganoush, and I didn’t like it –
any tips for a beginner on how to make something tasty and likable?
Good job with the sewing … I would love to learn! I had a question
about the products you buy for your news segments … obviously you
keep them, but what do you do with the “bad” stuff? Like the candy and
chips you bought for the gas station tip? kristilyn1981

A: One of my favorite eggplant dishes is baked eggplant parmesan – the recipe is from Cook’s Illustrated. Baking it keeps it healthy and it preserves the flavor of the eggplant better than frying does. For that TV segment where I had to buy a lot of junk I gave some to my brother and Mike ate a little of the other stuff (I believe his quote was “ooo, give me those twinkies”) but a taste was enough and although I don’t like wasting food, some of that junk goes in the trash. eatlikeme
Q: I was wondering if you use tomato sauce, or just tomatoes with no sauce for your chicken sausage stir fry? ameedell
A: I often use canned diced tomatoes in juice or sauce and I will use the juice to add some moisture to the stir-fry which helps to steam the vegetables. If you drain the tomatoes then you can use chicken broth or water as your liquid source. eatlikeme
Q:  I was looking for pre-made guacamole this weekend and came up empty handed. Can you post the recipe for yours?? It looks great! jb7497
A: I just cut up avocados then mash them (leaving some chunks) then I add diced red onion, cumin, salt, pepper and cilantro. It’s really easy and I think nothing compares to fresh guacamole…the store bought just don’t do it for me. eatlikeme
Q: I’ve been picking some great and healthy tips from you! Those carne
asada burritoes (I think they’re burritoes-right?) look awesome-can you
give the recipe when you get a minute? I’d love to try! Everyone seems
to make their salsa and guacamole a little differently and I enjoy
making different versions. I’m also kinda clueless though when it comes
to marinades for meats. Thanks for you help! brittany58

A: The recipe we used for carne asada was from Simply Recipes – here is the link! eatlikeme
Q: Where can I find your banana bread recipe? It looks really good!!! sashie19
A: My favorite banana bread recipe is from my Cook’s Illustrated cookbook – Best of Baking. They don’t offer links to their recipes online unless you become a member but that is just $25 dollars and well worth it because the recipes are awesome! They also sell their cookbooks in the bookstores and they offer a magazine too – all great choices as well for expanding your recipe box. I learned a lot about cooking through a few years subscription to the magazine so it’s a great gift idea for someone who wants to be a better cook. eatlikeme
Q: Hey Cristin! I was wondering your thoughts on BPAs. Do you still use
tephlon pans and drink out of plastic bottles? I have not made a full
change over and often drink from a plastic water bottle. Do you think
this is just a fad or that I should genuinely be concerned? Thanks! raeliz99

A: I have never had teflon pans, we have stainless steel and although most plastic water bottles are BPA free we went out and bought SIGGs when that info all came out so we use them now. We had run our Nalgenes through the dishwasher which they said was one thing that could cause leakage and that’s why we decided to trade them in for some new ones. I have searched out all BPA free items for Will because to me, it’s a risk not worth taking when there are alternatives available. eatlikeme
Q: I have a question regarding how much extra calories a woman could have
when they are menstrating? Is there a ballpark estimate you could give
me? guesswho1226

A: There are no extra caloric needs for menstruation – it does not alter your metabolism in any significant way. You should continue to consume your normal calorie needs during this time. eatlikeme
Q: I was wondering- Why dont you eat eggs more often? They are so
versatile and inexpensive. To my understanding, you would have to eat a
lot of them to really adversely impact your cholesterol. PCVmargaret

A: I love eggs and you are correct, they are healthy and affordable. I find that I go through phases with eggs, I’ll eat them frequently and then I’ll take a break. I usually save them as a dinner option when I am eating alone because they are quick and easy. We now know that you can eat 1-2 eggs per day without it significantly affecting your risk for heart disease so they are a great choice for protein! eatlikeme  
Q: I had Indian food last night (specifically aloo gobi), and I realized
that I had NO idea what sort of nutrition I could count my meal as.
Vegetables, oil, protein? I was wondering what you thought about that,
and also if you had recommendations for the healthiest Indian food. I
know basically what to order/not-order when I am doing Chinese,
Japanese, or Middle Eastern, but Indian/Pakistani is a mystery.
Thanks!! And I love your blog, I’ve been reading for over a year now. 🙂 natalienoods

A: I actually know nothing about Indian food so I just did a Google search of your question and got several answers. Try doing that because you may understand the recommendations better than I do because you are more familiar with the menu items. If any one can help with this question then please leave your comments below – thanks! eatlikeme
Q: I usually wake up around 7:30am, drink coffee, and then wait to have
breakfast until I get to work around 9:30am. I eat dinner pretty late,
so I’m never hungry right when I wake up. Is it OK to delay breakfast
until I’m hungry and settled in at my desk? I find this to be much more
relaxing then eating something while I’m rushing to work. runmegs08

A: I would say 9:30 is okay but I would not wait much longer than that because once you start working your brain is going to need fuel. Also waiting too long may set you up to be over hungry and that is when it becomes more difficult to make a good breakfast choice rather than a quick and easy one (like a donut). One thing that might be a good change is to make your coffee a latte because that will get some carbohydrate and protein in you which will start to replenish your circulating blood glucose levels which get diminished during your overnight fast. eatlikeme
Q: Is it possible to eat TOO much fruit? Now that its cheap and in season,
I often eat 5-6 servings per day. I know that fruit contains a lot of
nutrients, but I’m wondering if the fiber and sugar might cause stomach
issues…. runmegs08

A: Yes you actually can eat too much fruit. Fruit is high in water so it tends to be lower in calories than foods like bread, meat and dairy that contain less water but too much of it can lead to excess calorie intake. The other problem that can happen is the extra fruit will displace another healthy food you should be eating so then your diet becomes imbalanced. To address your question about GI distress, that can happen too and cutting back will likely resolve it. It’s hard to tell someone to eat less fruit but if you could get your intake down to 4-4.5 servings (1.75-2 cups) then you would be in better balance. eatlikeme
Q: I just got some sweet potatoes from my local farmers market and I saw
you had some for supper. Do you add any herbs or spices? How do you
roast them? How long and at what temperature? Thanks! clr0410

A: Sweet potatoes are great because you can do a variety of things with them. You can bake them (about 50-60 minutes at 400), you can roast them (425 for 35-45 minutes), you can grill them (low heat for 20-25 minutes) or you can steam & mash them (low heat, 35-45 minutes). I usually just do olive oil, and a little salt and pepper but you can use other herbs like fresh thyme, rosemary, cayenne, or cumin. You can find a lot of recipes online so if you need some more guidance try Food Network or Epicurious. eatlikeme
Q: I was wondering if you had heard of the amazing grass line of products
and what you thought of them/had tried them before. I have seen their
products on a few other blogs lately and they are offering a special on
them right now and wanted your input before buying them! People are
using them as a sort of protein/veggie substitute and adding them to
smoothies. alphagam84

A: I wouldn’t recommend investing a lot of money in a product like that. There is no evidence that getting your antioxidants in that form is going to help fight disease long term. You would be better off spending your money on fresh fruit and vegetables because these we know provide you with fiber, antioxidants and other phytonutrients that have been specifically linked with disease protection. If you are really interested in trying it, then adding it to something like a smoothie that is already nutritious would be fine but please do not use it as it is marketed (a substitute for fruit/veggie). eatlikeme
Q: why would cream cheese be considered a “treat”? Looking at the rest of
your breakfast, it looks to just be additional protein and a source of
fat for satiety…just curious. SunshineACH

A: Cream cheese is considered discretionary calories (“treat”) because it is a high fat, low nutrient item. A two tablespoon serving has 9 grams of fat, but of significance is that 5g are saturated fat. It does provide some protein (2g) but that’s not enough to consider it a protein food. Lastly there is very little calcium in it so you can’t consider it a dairy serving. Eating cream cheese often or in large amounts would not be nutritious and that is why it’s considered a treat. eatlikeme
Q: I am a college student and am always trying to save money and I buy a
lot of canned food, especially beans! Do you think it is a big
difference if I buy the no-salt-added beans or if I buy the regular
ones and rinse them really well before I eat them? The regular ones are
so much cheaper! abster10

A: Rinsing the beans will remove the majority of the salt so that is a good plan. I also found that different brands have different amounts of sodium so try reading a few labels to see if you can find one with lower sodium that costs what you want to pay. (Example: Stop & Shop Nature Promise Black Beans have just 130mg sodium and cost just $1) eatlikeme
Q: When you were expecting Will did you mostly follow your hunger cues? I
am expecting and am following the Pyramid for Moms. I try to get the
recommended intake, but sometimes I’m not hungy and feel like I’m
overeating. For me this can lead to constipation. Just wondering if I
should follow my hunger cues instead of trying to meet all of the
requirements? I know Cristin is still celebrating her b-day tonight and
may not have time to respond. Does anyone else have any insight? eddiesmom

A: Yeah there were times were I didn’t have too much of an appetite but I found that instead of eating three big meals I was happier eating 5 small ones so I was able to get my calories in, just in a different way than before. There were also some foods that were not as appealing as others but rather than go for what you are craving (for me it was a lot of carbohydrate / starchy food) I always tried to combine foods so I would get my nutrients in. I didn’t have much of an appetite for meat, but I found if I had in a dish like a stir-fry it was more appealing than having it alone. There are so many phases of pregnancy and you feel different at each phase that I would say to listen to your hunger cues but be sure you are eating a balanced intake within the meals you choose. Make sure you of course follow your weight gain with your doctor and if you are not gaining you could try some kind of supplement like Ensure, Boost or Carnation Instant Breakfast. Congratulations on your upcoming arrival! eatlikeme
Q: Do people eating in silence? Or while watching tv? I am trying to get
intune with my internal hunger/fullness…and thought eating in silence
might be a good idea…however I have not been able to bring myself to
do it yet. CMB86

A: No, don’t eat in silence. Eating is a social event and talking while eating can actually help to slow you down so that you will sense your satiety better. If you have nobody to talk to then try listening to music and singing along – I always did this while I cooked before I had Will and now I have to talk to him while I cook to keep him entertained and away from the stove! Watching TV is distracting rather than engaging so this actually should be avoided. You can zone into the TV and not even realize that you cleared your plate. The best thing you can do to get intune with satiety is give yourself time – at least 20 minutes from the time you started eating – so whatever you can do to slow yourself down will be good! eatlikeme
Q: So how did you do your potatoes? Looks like potatoes and onions.TIPceon85 (regarding dinner 6.30.09)
A: I cut up potatoes into cubes and then I cut onions (preferably Vidalia) into thin slices. I toss these together in a bowl with olive oil, salt and fresh ground pepper, then I place them in the center of a big piece of tin foil. I fold the tin foil up around them to seal them in a packet and put them on the grill like that. Cooking them long and slow works best but you can get them done quickly if you need to. They taste great and are so simple…we do it often in this house! eatlikeme

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