Labor Day Weekend Wrap-Up (’09)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009 1:43
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Three day weekends are the best – the only bad part is when they end. We actually stayed around Boston because Mike was working and Bruce was recovering so I had to stay with him. I would have liked to go to my parent’s house but it just wasn’t possible because Bruce is supposed to be taking it easy and that’s exactly the opposite of what he does when we are there. It was nice being in Boston – the weather was amazing and it was so quiet (everyone else escaped for the final weekend of summer). Mike’s parents were here for a day so we did some shopping with them and then had dinner. Besides that I spent a lot of time walking and running with Will, the usual household chores and cooking! I ate most of my meals at home except for that dinner out with my in-laws so it was a pretty healthy weekend from both the eating and exercising end of things. I am glad it’s just a four-day workweek ahead of us – maybe next weekend I will get to my parent’s house for the boat ride I have been waiting to take all summer — now it’ll be a fall ride but who cares!

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Missing from the weekend wrap up are snacks (fruit, goldfish, string cheese) and lattes (three of them).
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