Last Minute Healthy Eating Tips for Thanksgiving

Wednesday, November 25, 2009 18:38
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Here are some last minute tips for a healthy Thanksgiving…

Eat breakfast and lunch if you eat your dinner late.Thanksgiving 3

Remember to schedule in your work out.

Snack on fresh vegetables and whole grain crackers.

Enjoy turkey white meat without the skin and healthy vegetables on the side.

Try some brown rice cooked in fat free chicken or vegetable broth, or baked sweet, potatoes instead of high-fat, high-calorie side dishes.

Don't drink your calories – enjoy a glass of wine but stick to that 1 glass so you stay in control of calories and don't overeat.

For dessert enjoy fruit, but if you need something sweet take a small portion, eat it slowly, and enjoy it!

If you end up overdoing it at your Thanksgiving meal don't let that derail all your hard work of eating right and losing weight…just get right back to healthy habits the next day.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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