Local, Organic, and Sustainable Food…As In-Patient Hospital Food

Friday, September 11, 2009 13:03
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Nurse Stanford Hospital and Clinics in California have improved their in-patient meals through its Farm Fresh program. This program brings local, organic and sustainable foods to its patients with their doctor's approval. The amazing news about this program is that it does not cost any more than the regular food the hospital has been serving!

The philosophy behind the program is simple: By feeding patients good,
soundly produced food and educating them while they are recovering from
illness, they will be better prepared to lead healthy lives when they

This program, which was created with the help of Robert Robbins, the chairman of the department of cardiothoracic surgery and director of Stanford's Cardiovascular Institute, says "If patients are convalescing with good food, and that in turns helps
them to feel better, even get out a day sooner, then it's totally worth
it – in terms of affordability and making the hospital a more
functional and healing place."

With hospitals having reputations for having such horrible food this is such a refreshing story. Patients should be fed delicious and nutritious foods when they are ill, like Dr. Robbins said – to help them feel better and recover sooner. 

I recently blogged about eating organic food and a reader commented about the importance of eating local food as well. If eating local, organic, and sustainable food is helping patients in hospitals feel better sooner imagine what it can do for you if you are not sick at all.

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