Lose Deep Belly Fat

Tuesday, October 13, 2009 3:07
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Lose-deep-belly-fat "In findings that should add to the national debate over rising obesity rates in the U.S., Duke University Medical Center researchers have demonstrated that physical inactivity leads to a significant increase in potentially dangerous visceral fat, while high amounts of exercise can lead to significant decreases in such fat over a fairly short time period.

The researchers also found that while lower amounts of exercise prevented the significant accumulation of visceral fat seen in the controls, it did not lead to the improvements seen in participants with higher levels of exercise."

I thought it was also amazing to read that those who DID NOT exercise for 8 months had a 8.6% increase in visceral fat while those that DID exercise lost 8.1% visceral fat in the same time period. Since visceral fat has been shown to increase cardiovascular disease, as well as negatively impact other health factors it's important that we take this study and research seriously. It's also good news to see that anyone willing to put in the effort required can significantly decrease their visceral body fat percentage, and therefore, improve their overall health.

Source: Duke research study

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