Match Your Workout to Your Fitness Level

Wednesday, August 5, 2009 20:04
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 Match your workout to your fitness levelIn my last post I spoke about how your workouts don’t have to be of the marathon variety and that regular, short exercise routines will work just as well.

Today, I want to explain why you don’t need to start with high intensity workouts if you’re just starting out. You’ll actually get close to the same results if you begin with a program that matches your fitness level. You may start out with just a brisk walk, or maybe you’re ready for some beginner resistance training.

The reason you want to start with the beginner’s program and learn the fundamentals is so that you can have a place to progress to, as well as to acclimate your body to the new stressors. These new exercises force your body to change and as a result you’ll want to start with a level 1 exercise before you jump to something you see an advanced exerciser performing. This method of moving from one level to the next will keep your body safe and your mind motivated as you see your next goal in front of you.

This approach will also allow you to attain the greatest results over the long run while creating permanent gains through steady improvements.

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