Meet the NEW fitness team!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009 21:42
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Change is good, except at the bottom of your purse. (I read that on the side of a venti latte. Yeah, Starbucks!) Well, good things are happening here at SELF. We’ve got a spanking new Fitness Editor and an intern extraordinaire who I’m beyond excited for you to get to know. Plus, the amazing Liz Miersch got a big fat promo. Yay, team! Here’s a happy snap of the new and improved crew, from left to right: Associate Fitness Editor Liz Miersch; Fitness Editor Sheila Monaghan; Fitness Director Meaghan B. Murphy (me!); Intern of the Year Motahareh Hajimirzaei.

Here, a little more on my esteemed team in their own words:
Sheila: My first love (post-Kevin Arnold of The Wonder Years): Running! Give me a pair of sneakers and a killer playlist and I’m a happy gal–case in point: I’m currently training for my fourth New York City marathon this November. But in prepping for and competing in my first triathlon this past July, I discovered the wonderful worlds of swimming and biking, and now see the beauty of cross-training. Mixing it up keeps things fresh and more importantly, fun! My motivational mantra: Yes you can.

Liz: Ever since my baby ballerina days, I like to sweat in 8 counts. If rhythm is required, it’s at the top of my list. I even shimmy around the office. But I’m no Twinkle Toes. I can drop and give you 20 on command.
Motahareh: They call me Mo’ here in the office. I’m a 22-year-old graduate from Oklahoma and a newbie to the New York scene. I was totally intimidated when first starting at SELF, but with the help of the fitness team I’ve been converted from couch potato to fit fan. You can follow me on the blog as I try my hand at everything fitness, from Wii sport games to hiking in Central Park!

Check back daily to hear about all of our exercise exploits. We’re going to be blogging even more frequently…starting after Labor Day 🙂 And a big shoutout to my sis and the most inspiring woman I know, your fitness blogger, Erin Kurdyla!
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