Must Haves in my Triathlon Bag

Thursday, September 10, 2009 18:47
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IMG_3975.JPGAt my first triathlon I looked like a bag lady carrying my stuff to the transition area. I had extra shirts, suntan lotion, three pairs of goggles, two swim caps, snacks, a bucket, and so much more. My bags were overflowing with enough race gear to last me ten triathlons. But you live and you learn. Now after having a race or two under my belt, I think I have it down to a few essentials that fit nicely into one bag. Here’s what I’m packing for Sunday…


-1 Towel



-Running Shoes

-Socks (almost forgot them last time)


-2 large Water bottles- 1for drinking, 1 for washing my feet before I put on my socks

-Garbage Bag- great for post race wet stuff


What’s in your tri-bag? For more gear suggestions, head to



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