“One Man’s Food is…”

Monday, August 24, 2009 23:14
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"One Man's Food… is Someone Else's Poison."One man's food

That's the name of one of Dr. D'Adam's books on naturopathic nutrition that goes into detail on how foods are tolerated in our bodies. It basically says that some foods will agree with you better than others…  

After reading that book a while back I couldn't help but think that the same holds true in terms of exercise.

Of course, certain workouts should work for everyone to burn body fat (just like certain meal plans will help most people lose weight), but in the long run you may need to take a different approach. This approach should focus on your body and what you can physically handle.

If you're someone who is running around all day and exhausted you may need a milder program like Hatha yoga and walking. And if you’re someone who sits at a desk for most of the day and is tired from all that sitting around, you may want to engage in a more intense workout program like high-intensity interval training.

Of course, there are dozens of other examples and I personally believe you should experiment with as many as you can to find the right fit for you.

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