Online Mail Order Cupcakes – very few have it right!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010 17:18
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We are always looking to improve the Food411 directory and we get many request from readers to find various items that can be ordered online. Several readers requested a resource to purchase online cupcakes – while we had many bakeries included on Food411, none had tackled the task of shipping cupcakes. Cupcakes are fun and they make people smile, so they are perfect to send as a gift to someone, we knew that they must be included in the Food411 directory!! Our work was cut out for us – Food411 was challenged: we must meet the challenge! :) Mission: Find resources to include in Food411 that create and deliver nationwide (in beautiful condition) a quality cupcake. Finding sources that can bake a superior cupcake and also be able to have it delivered to your door is still a rare find.Many of the cupcakes arrived smashed, stale, etc!

We persevered and continue to research, and taste & taste! We are proud to have found a handful of resources that deliver to your door (that is the tricky part) a delicious cupcake (both cake and frosting). Our hunt is still on to find additional resources ( we just found out NYC’s Cupcake Stop – a mobil cupcake truck – will soon be shipping nationwide – we will be sure to track this!) , so if you are aware of a company that can deliver the goods – please share with us. There are a few “big name” catalogs that offer excellent cupcakes mail order but the prices with shipping caused them not to make the cut for our Food411 directory.

Visit the Baked Goods section of Food411 and see the cupcake resources we have uncovered! One of them will even customize a message on the cupcakes!

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