Overlooked Reasons of Why it’s Great to be in Shape

Tuesday, October 6, 2009 22:38
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Overlooked Reason of Why it’s Great to be in Shape Every day I share weights loss tips, advice, research, and exercise examples of how to get in shape and maintain a healthy weight, but today I wanted you to know that being fit goes well beyond losing weight.

This fact became blatantly obvious to me when I was traveling to Calgary, Canada last week. When I flew into Minneapolis from Boston I realized I had less than 11 minutes to catch my connecting flight… and to make matters worse my gate was on the other side of the airport!

At that moment I could have given up figuring it was too far away to make, but I decided to see if I could beat the clock and make my flight. So, as I was “that guy” sprinting through the airport with a laptop bag slung over my shoulder and dragging a carry-on behind me I realized how this would have been absolutely unthinkable if I had not been an exerciser and at a healthy weight.

Between the deadline to make my flight and the extra 35 pounds of luggage weighing me down my heart was pounding. I skipped all the escalators and walking conveyor belts and instead ran the stairs and walkways so I wouldn’t get stuck behind everyone else who had the luxury of taking their time.

After almost 10 minutes of weaving in and out of crowds I made it to the gate right as they were calling my name… Thanks to practicing what I preach I had made it right on time.

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