How to lose belly fat in 2 months or less

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lose belly fat fast

Two months may seem like a long time to lose belly fat, but you have to remember it took you years to put on that extra weight, you cannot expect it to disappear overnight. Two months for most people is a very realistic goal to start seeing great results from their nutrition and workouts.

In two months of training, you can safely lose up to 15 pounds of body fat, drop a good amount of water weight, and maybe even build some muscle.  However, the key to success will be your consistency; you cannot put in a low effort by missing workouts constantly and using poor diet and expect great results.

How to lose belly fat in 2 months

The beauty of exercise and dieting is that you get out of it what you put in to it every time. Nevertheless, our bodies are complex organisms; therefore, you will also have to be smart about your training to achieve optimum results. Unlike what you may have heard on TV or read in a magazine, there is no magical fat loss pill, you cannot lose weight by sleeping in a certain kind of workout belt, and cooking in a certain brand of oven will not make your food magically healthier.

However there  are key diet guidelines that can help you and I will list them for you right now , no you don’t need to pay me 3 easy payments of 9.99 or buy my book , it is completely free and useful information anyone can benefit from.

The Diet

Basic Diet Guidelines

-Choose Whole Grains and Fresh Vegetables over Refined Grains and Simple Sugars

– Avoid highly processed food, along with other food sources packed with empty calories, which have no nutritional value. (Such as Soda)

-Drink at Least 96 ounces of water everyday.

– The first week of dieting, measure and weigh all your food with an automatic scale, which usually cost around 10 dollars. This will give you an idea of serving size on foods.

– Eat four or more meals per day to help balance your diet and keep your metabolism higher. Eating smaller meals allows you to keep variety in your diet and keeps you from having extreme bouts of hunger and cheating on your diet.

Food Specific Guidelines

Fowl – With any food such as chicken or turkey, you can save a lot of fat and extra calories by removing the skin.

Fish- Fish is generally a healthy alternative, but beware some types of fish such as salmon are high in fat. When buying tuna be sure to get it preserved in water not oil, as the oil adds empty calories

Nonfat Milk – Nonfat milk is a great alternative to whole milk and low fat milk, once you get used to the thickness and slight taste change you will never need to go back.

Cheese – Cheeses are another food that some types are exceptionally high in fat, while others are lower in fat, you can always choose no fat cheese.

Beef – When choosing beef, it is important to go with leaner cuts ,for example a 3 ounce cut of  sirloin could have 25 fat , while a leaner cut only has 10.

If you follow these general guidelines the first 2 months of dieting I am sure you will see great results, if you notice your results are not coming fast enough after a week or so , you may need to count your calories daily to ensure weight loss.

However, most people will see great results by just “cleaning” up their diet.  Cutting out a lot of fat in your diet will cut many calories from your day-to-day nutrition. Fat is the most calorie packed nutrient and is a major reason a lot of people are overweight  One meal from a fast food restaurant such as McDonalds  because of its of its high fat content can pack as much calories as 3 home cooked meals. 

The Workout

Exercise is another important factor you will need to consider if you want to lose the most weight possible. To lose that stomach fat you will need to lose fat from all over your body. Weight training or Cardio can be a great tool to maximize your fat loss, and the easiest programs to pickup and start losing weight on are HIIT programs.

The intensity of these programs keeps you active, and your heart rate elevated throughout the entire workout, burning a lot of calories meanwhile improving your cardiovascular efficiency. The programs themselves are also very adaptable and can be done with minimum equipment. For ease of starting, I included an example program below you can do with no equipment at all, and still burn many calories and thus lose fat.

HIIT Walking / Jogging Program

Workout 1 Workout 2 Workout 3
Week 1 20 Minutes Total:  Jog 15 seconds , walk 60 20 Minutes Total:  Jog 15 seconds , walk 60 20 Minutes Total:  Jog 15 seconds , walk 60
Week 2 20 Minutes Total:  Jog 15 seconds , walk 60 20 Minutes Total:  Jog 15 seconds , walk 60 20 Minutes Total:  Jog 15 seconds , walk 60
Week 3 20 Minutes Total:  Jog 30 seconds, walk60 seconds. 20 Minutes Total:  Jog 30 seconds walk 60 seconds. 20 Minutes Total:  Jog 30 seconds walk 60 seconds.
Week 4 20 Minutes Total:  Jog 30 seconds walk 60 seconds. 20 Minutes Total:  Jog 30 seconds walk 60 seconds. 20 Minutes Total:  Jog 30 seconds walk 60 seconds.
Week 5 20 Minutes Total:  Jog 30 seconds, Walk 30 seconds 20 Minutes Total:  Jog 30 seconds, Walk 30 seconds 20 Minutes Total:  Jog 30 seconds, Walk 30 seconds
Week 6 20 Minutes Total:  Jog 30 seconds, Walk 30 seconds 20 Minutes Total:  Jog 30 seconds, Walk 30 seconds 20 Minutes Total:  Jog 30 seconds, Walk 30 seconds
Week 7 20 Minutes Total:   Jog 60 seconds , walk 30 seconds 20 Minutes Total:   Jog 60 seconds , walk 30 seconds 20 Minutes Total:   Jog 60 seconds , walk 30 seconds
Week 8 20 Minutes Total:   Jog 60 seconds , walk 30 seconds 20 Minutes Total:   Jog 60 seconds , walk 30 seconds 20 Minutes Total:   Jog 60 seconds , walk 30 seconds


The program is simple; you start only jogging 15 seconds and then walking 60 the first 2 weeks. However, as your cardiovascular system gets stronger, in week 3 and 4 you now jog 30 seconds and walk 60, and so on until you progress to week 8. If for some reason, you get stuck and could not complete at least 2 of the 3 workouts for the week, redo that current week instead of moving on.

Also, be sure to allow at least a 1 day of rest in-between workouts, I recommend something like Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. When your body gets more used to training and you notice you do not get sore as much, you may do more frequent workouts.  


If you follow the diet guidelines I listed above, along with a good exercise routine such as the one I outlined, you will definitely be on the right step to losing the weight you want. Just remember it takes time for true fat loss to occur, however once you do lose it, it will stay gone for good and you can live a healthier life.

Best way to lose belly fat for men

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belly fat loss for men

What is really the best way to lose belly fat for men and is it different from what women should do?  This is because women have more reasons than men to get rid of the belly; may it be aesthetics, self-confidence or just the mere fact that stomach fat is not a woman’s thing but mainly a men’s ‘privilege’. This of course does not mean that men should not care about their appearance and even more about the bulging belly. In this article we are going to examine which is the best way to lose belly fat for men in a natural and healthy way.

Belly fat for men is dangerous

The most important reason why men should care about their belly size is because it is dangerous. It is a signal that something is wrong with your body’s chemistry and a warning to take immediate action. The presence of excess abdominal fat may lead to cardiovascular diseases, liver problems and malfunction of a number of body organs. The situation gets worse as you grow older since you can expect to have problems with your joints, knees and back. You may be joking with your friends about ‘your full of beer’ belly but belly fat is classified as the most dangerous form of obesity and should be eliminated.

Best method to trim your belly

Now that you are convinced that belly fat is not only good for your image but it is also dangerous let’s see what you can do.

First you should understand how the belly fat is formed. For sure it does not happen overnight and it is not the outcome of last night’s beer. It is the result of sedentary lifestyle and bad diet. Men that have stomach fat are those that do not exercise, those that perform light activity jobs (clerical jobs, drivers) and those that drink huge amounts of soft drinks, alcoholic drinks and fatty food.

Unfortunately the majority of men fall into this category and that’s why according to research men have higher percentage of belly fat than women.

So, it is clear now that the process to lose your belly fat will take time and will require you to change some of your existing habits. The truth is that you need to do 2 major things: change your diet and introduce exercise and physical activity into your daily routine.

Diet that can help you lose belly fat

Many people are afraid to hear the word ‘diet’. They have the misconception that by dieting you are not allowed to eat the things you want and you will end up having a miserable life. This is far from truth. By dieting to lose belly fat we simply mean following a balanced diet without exaggerations. You need to minimize the consumption of fatty foods from your diet and replace them with more natural foods.

For example fried potatoes, burgers, sausages, sugar soft drinks, full fat dairy products and alcoholic drinks should be taken in moderation. You are not expected to completely eliminate those from your diet from the first day but you need to start consuming less of these foods and more fruits, vegetables, fish, water and low fat products. Your goal is to gradually create a balance on your food items so that you eat 40% carbohydrates, 40% protein and 30% fat.

It is not that difficult to follow this diet pattern especially when your health is at risk. It is a matter of habit and once you get used to this healthier lifestyle you will enjoy it more and do it without difficulties.

Diet alone does not help neither do crunches

Everybody knows that besides adopting a balanced diet you also need to start exercising. What many people do not understand is that crunches or abs do not help you in losing belly fat. When we say exercise, we do not mean start making crunches and abs; these do not provide any assistance at this stage. What you have to do is get up and away from the couch and start moving.

This is the first step. Once you become more physically active the next step is to start doing some form of cardio exercise or sport. There are many ways to get the results you want and enjoy it at the same time. You can start cycling with friends or simply walking, running, playing basketball, football, tennis or any sport/activity you enjoy.

Once you wake up your muscles and start melting the belly fat you can go to a gym or visit a professional trainer to develop a program especially for your own needs and requirements. It is not suggested to do that from day 1 because you will get bored and probably quit.

The best way is to first get physically active with things you like doing and then second to get more serious by going to a gym or joining fitness program. As mentioned above crunches and abs cannot help you lose belly fat, they can help you form a six pack after you have lost the excess stomach fat using cardio exercise and possibly resistance training exercises.

To sum up, men have belly fats because of their lifestyle and their unhealthy eating habits. Belly fat is dangerous for your health and if you have belly fat you need to take it seriously and take action.

The best way to lose belly fat for men is by adopting a balanced diet and by becoming physically active either by doing sports or exercise. Either way the key for success is consistency and loyalty. Whatever you choose to do, do it consistently for a number of weeks and months until you get the results you want and do not just quit from the first weeks.

Why do women have belly fat?

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woman with belly fat

God created women from a man’s rib. Does this include the belly fat as well? Women have higher fat percentage than men causing women to attain belly fat faster. As annoying as it may seem, but women do have belly fat for more than one reason. This article will try to explain why women have belly fat and also provide some tips on how to lose belly fat for women.

Reason #1 Reproductive function

People always say that “the essence of being a woman is to give birth to a new life”. This is indeed true because the ability of a woman to carry a baby on her tummy for nine months and give birth is what differentiates a woman from a man.

Because of such function, a woman’s body needs to increase its fat deposits, most especially on their belly, to prepare for childbearing. These fat deposits are reserved energy to make sure that a woman has constant supply of energy during pregnancy as well as during delivery. In addition to that, belly fat also acts as a cushion (along with amniotic fluid) to help protect the fetus from possible accidents and the other forces of the external environment. 

Reason #2 To protect vital organs

Belly fat, in general, is present to both genders as well as to either lean or obese persons. However, the quantity of belly fat differs – less for slender people and more for obese people. But the fact still remains that belly fat is always present.

Belly fat is there to protect your internal organs (stomach, guts, liver, spleen, pancreas, etc.) from physical harm. There was even a claim that a man survived a bullet attack because he was too fat that the bullet wasn’t able to penetrate through the thick belly walls.

True or not, the fact that belly fats alter the momentum of penetrating objects still remains as well as the fact that belly fat protects the organ in one way or another. But you have to remember however that excess belly fat also poses risks to one’s health. If a bullet won’t kill you, your fat deposits will.

Reason #3 Alcohol drinking

Statistically, men drink around 2 to 6 bottles of beer on an average and women drinks around 1 to 5 bottles of beer.  But women have lesser alcohol control causing them to increase their beer consumption to twelve bottles of beer per session or until she’s to drunk to stand.

This means that your caloric intake increases as you order another bottle. Here are some of the common alcoholic drinks and their corresponding average calorie content. Do note however that caloric content may change depending on alcohol content

Alcoholic Drink, volume calories

Whisky: 100ml, 220

Gin:100ml,  220

Brandy: 100ml,  220

Rum: 100ml, 220

Beer: 500ml, 184

Martini: 100ml, 175

Bailey’s Cream: 1 glass, 120

Bacardi: 1 glass, 118

Reason #4 High calorie food is a woman’s BFF

God said, “Man represents my image, woman – my emotions.” No wonder women are way more emotional than men. These emotions are the reason why women are more sensitive than men.

When a woman feels depressed, she will either dial a friend’s phone number or dial for a pizza. It has been proven from a recent study that women love to eat when they feel sad. This is because; food provides a feeling of fulfillment causing you to feel relieved from any stress.

Excess sweets, carbohydrates, fats, or any food with such kind of calorie amount tends to be left unburned. Unused calories, as we all know, are converted to fat deposits, especially in the belly, which the body can burn by doing exercises.

Another high calorie food that women love to have when depressed are sweets. Among any other sweets, chocolate has been the number one choice because of its ability to raise the happy hormone serotonin and provide the body with phenylethylamine – a chemical that makes you feel happy and in love, thus making chocolate the ultimate food for a depressed woman.

Reason #5 Chitchats than workout

Women are highly motivated to lose weight and get rid of belly fats. However, when a woman finds her gym buddies, she usually chitchats with them and forgets about workouts.

Because of such characteristic, gyms become a rendezvous point for people who want to do talk with other people, rather than the original purpose of going to the gym to burn fats and tone muscles

Another contributing factor is that, when a group of women gather for a girls’ night out, women talk, eat, and drink. This sedentary activity will definitely increase the numbers on the scale.

As mentioned above, women have belly fat for a reason. In some cases it is absolutely uncontrollable and necessary as this is used for special functions. On the other hand, some women have belly fat because they did not properly take care of them. That means, if you want to learn how to lose belly fatand acquire flat and lean abs, you better start eating right and exercising regularly.

test2 – please ignore

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Want Steak?

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Cuts of Steak and Their Fat Content from Leanest to Fattiest (Per 6oz. Serving)
Some of us just can’t imagine going without a nice juicy steak, and of course there are some cuts that are healthier than others. Use this list to choose the leaner, healthier cut. Portion size is always the key in eating sensibly. When it comes to any meats use the palm of your hand as the guide to the portion size. If you love steak, don’t deny yourself ( unless medical professional have advised otherwise) just limit quantity and frequency.

Sirloin Tip, 5.4g
Eye of Round, 7g
Top Round, 7.6g
Top Sirloin, 10.6g
Bottom Round, 11g
Flap Steak, 12g
Filet Mignon, 16g
Porterhouse, 16.4g
Skirt Steak, 17.2g
New York Strip, 18g
T-Bone, 25.6g
Rib-Eye, 37.6g

The time to start a healthy lifestyle is now!

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Strive for progress, not perfection” – Unknown

“Each of us are our own greatest inhibitor. And, at the end of the day, if you just get out of your own way and let things come to you, it’s amazing what will come to you.” Laird Hamilton, champion surfer

“We are all accountable for ourselves. Think of yourself as a precious commodity, and then protect your investment each day.” Monica Brant, 1998 Ms. Olympia

It’s so much easier to complain than to take control of our actions. Talk is cheap. Instead of sitting on your behind and grumbling about what you did or didn’t do, be proactive! Yes, it’s called work and discipline especially when you are in charge of your own health and fitness. You have only one body and one life. Do you really want to waste your years away working yourself to death or by letting your health deterioriate to the point of no return? Granted, none of us are perfect but there is always room for improvement. You’re too young to let yourself fall apart….

With the growing epidemic of obesity in the U.S., increase in diabetes, chronic diseases and the continuous rise of medical costs, our nation is not doing too great in the health department. You don’t need to become a statistic. We have enough knowledge in this day and age to change our bad habits and the ability to prolong our lives with healthy nutrition and exercise.

It’s easy to let your professional or personal life get the best of you, but you are accountable for your own actions. Being healthy is a lifestyle, and stop treating it as if you were going on another diet. You need to make a commitment to yourself and to stick with it. You don’t need to be a gym rat or look like a model. Be a better version of “you.” Take it one day at at a time and schedule a date with yourself. Your “alone time” is so important to help you relieve stress and release those much needed endorphins in order to help you stay balanced mentally and physically. Pick activities you like. Do something recreational. Train for an upcoming race. Plan an active vacation. If you work crazy hours and sit behind a computer desk all day long, get off your behind every hour to release your spine. Take the stairs when possible and walk to/from work or during lunch time. The more you sit, the more your posture and metabolism suffers. Make the time to take care of you. You owe it to yourself.

Set a good example to your family and friends. Not only do you have the power to change within yourself, you can also have a positive affect on someone else’ life as well.

“You can keep making excuses until you’re blue in the face so stop talking and start doing!” Cindy Lai Fitness

Source: Cindy Lai Fitness

Stop Dieting and start living

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The world is full of contradictions. On one hand you get bombarded about the obesity epidemic and its consequences to personal health, government budgets and life in general and they all come with an emphasis on losing weight. On the other hand there is that idea about people being obsessed with diet plans, calories and weight and mentioning ‘you are on a diet’ is looked like you are a second hand citizen.

At the same time you probably heard it all before that diets don’t work and is all a lucrative way to get the money from your pocket while you struggle through some wacky weight loss way. Has it all taken over your world, time and life, leaving you confused and worn out?

Maybe it is time to stop dieting and start living.

What does it mean?

This simple saying seems to becoming the new mojo and as with everything else the new diet fashion. It is a little bit like those books of wisdom which become the new sensation overnight covered with loads of mythical meanings.  Then everybody jumps on the boat of finding the ‘ultimate happiness’ and making ‘the universe work for them’. I can’t remember when or where I first came across such saying but no doubt it was attractive and loved it pretty fast. Obviously it is very attractive the idea of breaking free from the eternal fight with food however I do like to keep things simple.

I’m sure to stop dieting and start living can mean a lot of things to a lot of people and in many ways is a simple change of attitude towards food and lifestyle and still lose weight. Here are some tips on how you can make this work for you.

Step 1 Changing attitudes

1. Stop the food panic.  

Everyday there is something new about ‘food’. Eat this specific food to lose weight, eat that for cancer, eat the other for diabetes, eat this way for younger looks; don’t drink that for health and on and on and on… Think to yourself how many times have you rushed to the shops to get this fruit or that vegetable or wondered whether you should have a drink of wine or a cup of tea just because it said or you heard or you read somewhere that you should.

All this business can be tiring and in many cases pointless. Stop being in a constant panic about what, and when you should eat. Now I may be criticised that I am saying to ignore everything and just go and eat whatever comes your way. No, that is not the point either. There is a magic word called balance. All I am saying is relax about food and stop obsessing and panicking about every little thing regarding food.

Think simple. Nothing works in isolation, and if for example you eat all the berries in the world you will not become the strongest thinnest and most healthy person in the world. A lot of the hype on specific foods is for commercial purposes. Yes there are types or groups of foods which have really good benefits and it is suggested you eat more off and some which can have harmful effects and it is suggested you eat less off.

2. Food guidelines

A lot of scientists, ‘experts’ and the governments have worked different guidelines and food pyramids and plate charts and a lot of other things on what to eat. These are what they say on the box, guidelines. Basically is a guide of what a balanced diet may look like. Some are better than others and by all means they are not perfect. Use them as that but don’t get hooked on them and there is no need to follow them religiously as if your life depends on them.

3. See food for what it is

I’m sure if I ask what food is I will get hundreds of different answers ranging from energy to a social commodity. We have given food a lot of different purposes and roles however in its essence it is a necessity for survival. We ultimately eat because we need the nutrients to exist as beings. Yes it can taste good or think it can make us feel better or use it to socialise with friends etc. However, think to yourself if you have a car and you stop putting petrol it is so far it will take you before it stops. Although the human body is more complicated than the engine of a car in its principle if you stop eating you will have about 30 days before you die (this always depends on reserves and condition of a person amongst other things).

What we put inside our body will affect our body kind off similarly in a car the quality of the petrol can affect the works of the engine. So when you fill your plate for a meal look at it and think that it is your petrol in your engine.

Step 2 Change your life

I am sure you heard it a million times make life changes don’t just diet. To be honest I must have mentioned it in majority of my articles. Changing your attitude towards food is a first step in getting preparing for those life changes. Making life changes is harder than it sounds especially if it involves changing habits accrued through all your living days. A lot of people may think why they should change their life and habits when all they want is to lose a few pounds. I would say you don’t have to, however if you do want to feel free from the diets and be able to sustain that weight loss without having to go through a torture every time then it is a very good way forward.

4. Jump off the diet wagon

A weight loss diet is something temporary and it usually involves a specific method or regime which you follow. Some may result in losing weight and reaching your goal, some may not work at all. However, once you stop then what? The diet served its purpose; you lost the weight so you stop dieting and even if are a little bit more careful at start, you soon go back in what ate in the past. Well to be honest what you ate or how you ate in the past is what led to putting on weight in the first place. So then what? Go on a diet every time you want or need to lose weight.

Basically stop being on a ‘diet’ and aim to make those changes in your diet and lifestyle which they will result in losing the weight but will benefit your health and weight sustainability in the long run.

5. Make small changes

Take one small step at the time. Think about it: If you are used to eat chips and sweets and processed food how easy do you think it will be to stop completely and start on salads and fruit. In addition, if your body is used to live on chips and all that it is addicted to it, it will torture you with headaches, hunger fits and cravings. Undoubtedly some people are very determined and have will power made of steel and they can do it. In general is a shock to the system.

To the point, start by introducing things into your everyday diet slowly. How much and how often you will be changing things is something which depends on the individual. See bellow the table for some ideas. If you bring change slowly you are more likely to stick to it and become part of your diet. If you aim to jump on a whole new diet it will feel alien and you could struggle through it.

Small changes ideas

More progressive steps ideas

1. Halve the chips portion and replace it with some salad or vegetables. Avoid sauces i.e. mayonnaise, rich and creamy salad dressings. 1. Replace your whole portion of chips with vegetables or salad.
2. Place the biscuits or sweets in small portion bags i.e. 2 biscuits per bag or a small piece of cake per bag etc. Have only 2 portions per day for the really must have it moment. 2. Gradually cut down on the portions to having one portion a day or once a week.
3. If you never had vegetables before try introducing one vegetable per week. Have it with your meals all week. Start with vegetables you like. If you don’t like the taste of one try another. Similarly do for fruit. 3. Once your pallet and taste is more used to eating vegetables and greens try something more adventures or try combining 2 -3 vegetables in one meal.
4. Change the cooking process. For example oven bake instead of frying. 4.Try steaming, boiling, grilling.
5. Cut down on your portion by 1/3. 5. If portion size is an issue or number of meals(i.e. 4-5 meals p.d) then halve the portion or skip one snack meal.


6. Aim for balance and variety.

As I mentioned at the beginning there is not one miracle food. To that I will also add don’t aim to exclude from your diet all foods considered bad. Instead include as many foods from as many groups you can. Have vegetables, fruits, salads, meat and fish and enjoy your chips as well. Life is for living, that’s what I say, and going through life feeling deprived of what you like is not a good strategy. For a start it is so long you can go before you get fed up. On the other hand balance doesn’t mean one thing all the time; for example when I say enjoy your chips doesn’t translate to having them with every meal.

Having a variety of foods will also help with beating boredom and creating a variety of meals and options. After all you are creating an eating pattern for lifetime not following a weight loss diet for a specific period.

7. Think big

The ‘big’ does not refer to the size of the meal portion, but it rather refers to the big picture. It also refers to many different things. First, don’t put your emphasis on losing the weight as again you will be trapped in the ‘diet’ mentality. No doubt your aim is to lose the weight but by making small changes to your lifestyle the weight loss will come naturally. For example if you start replacing slowly the rich and calorific meals with more healthier options then automatically you will have cut down on the amount of calories you consume. Obviously the bigger the changes the more weight you will lose but if you are more likely to stick to small changes then that’s what you want to be aiming for.

Secondly don’t get trapped in thinking on the little things. Having a portion of chips for example, once a week will not topple over the scales or damage your health. It is the overall nutrition which matters more. Having a portion of chips once a week and a pizza once a week and ample of fizzy drinks through the day, and sweets and overall you consume 5 meals a day which add up to an enormous amount of calories, then that will topple the scales.

8. Re-evaluate your goals

Part of seeing the bigger picture is actually thinking what your goals are as well. If you set a goal of I want to fit in that specific outfit for that specific event then this refers to something short term. First changing your whole life for just an outfit may seem pointless as a short term weight loss regime will do and second once you reached that goal then you will feel as purpose served now why carry on. Try thinking what goals you want in life. Try changing the original goal in I want to be able to fit in outfits like that when I want to and for all occasions now and in the future. In simple words try to put your goals into a lifetime perspective.

This doesn’t mean that it appeals to everybody. For many people it is not important or doesn’t mean anything as such. Don’t do things just because it is a fashion or because someone tells you is a good thing to do. Choice is a personal thing, and I could tell that a balance healthy diet is good for weight and health and is a better option long term than fast restrictive diets. However, if this doesn’t come near to what you want is a matter of choice.

How To Get a Firm and Tight Butt

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firm butt

As long as men have been trying to learn how to build muscle, women have been asking how to get a tight butt to trainers and fitness experts worldwide. Nevertheless, I have good news for you, by the end of this article you will know exactly what steps you can take to get a firm butt and why so many people are doing it wrong.

There is no such thing as ‘spot reduction’

The first misconception to dismiss is “Spot Reduction”, every beginner in fitness and even some veterans believe in this magical theory that has been disproved time and time again by studies. No matter how hard you work one particular area like your butt, thighs or abs, you will NOT directly burn fat away from that area.  When you do lunges for example, you are not burning fat directly away from your butt and thighs, you are only building the muscle underneath the fat and in a way tightening or shaping the muscle along with burning calories throughout your entire body.

You have fat stores placed all over your body, which includes places like your butt, hips, abdomen etc. And when you do any exercise you are decreasing the total fat from all of these areas, not specifically targeting the one area you are working.  Your body just does not work like that; the only way to reduce fat from your entire body including your butt is through regular exercise and dieting.

Your butt is a group of muscles…

Eventually I will address both these techniques for you, but let us begin with exercises and a short anatomy lesson. Your “butt” is actually a complex system of gluteal muscles including the Gluteus Maximus, Medius, and Minimus.  The largest of the three, shown below is the Gluteus Maximus.

This is the muscle primarily responsible for the shape of your butt and is the main muscle you should target to achieve your goal as quickly as possible. The Gluteus Maximus is one of the most used muscles for basic movement and is responsible for hip extension and external rotation.

The other muscles I mentioned are the Gluteus Medius and Minimus, which are smaller muscles that can be found underneath the Gluteus Maximus and are responsible for abduction and internal rotation of your hip.


How to get a tight butt through exercise

As I said before, to develop a firm and tight butt you are going to have to exercise regularly and follow a proper diet. Nevertheless, with your gluteal muscles being responsible for so much of your lower body movements, you have many exercises to choose from:

Walking Lunges

Side Lunges

Back Lunges

Stiff Legged Deadlifts

Sumo Deadlifts


Split Squats

Step Ups

Lateral Step Ups

Standing Hip Extensions

Leg Presses

However, to further help you, I will go over the exercises I feel will benefit you the most.


Lunges come in many variations and can be performed with just your bodyweight, a barbell or dumbbells. However, the same basic movement applies for all of them and that is what we will cover here.

General Guidelines : To  ensure proper safety during lunges be sure to keep your torso upright during the entire movement to avoid stressing your  lower back.  Also, be sure to keep the lunge at a long but safe stride length to emphasize the Gluteus Maximus muscle.

Step 1. Depending on which type of lunge you decided to do, either grab a dumbbell firmly in each hand, or un-rack a barbell on your back. If you do not have access to weights or are a beginner, bodyweight lunges will be fine as well.

Step 2. To begin the movement lunge forward with your left leg in a slow and controlled motion until your back legs knee is almost in contact with the floor as illustrated below.

Step 3.   Pause at this bottom position shortly before returning to your original standing position. That is one repetition and should be repeated while alternating leading legs.


Step-ups are another exercise, which can be performed almost anywhere and yield great results.  You can do them on a bench, flight of stairs, footrest ect and this is what makes them so versatile.

General Guidelines:  For proper safety when performing step ups please be sure the surface your stepping up on is at a low enough height so you do not have a risk of falling or pulling a muscle. Also, be sure the surface is flat and not slippery. The shorter the surface you are using to step up on the easier the exercise will be.

Step 1: Stand directly in front of the ledge, bench, or platform.

Step 2:  Lift your right foot up and  plant it on the surface then follow up with the left foot , you are now completely on top of the surface.

Step 3:  Step back, leading again with your right foot and following with your left into the starting position.

Step 4:  Alternate which foot you lead with and repeat the motion.

5 Diet tips for a firm butt

The last step to get a tight and firm butt is to monitor your diet, which will help get rid of the extra fat stored around your body and therefore on your butt. I included an easy to follow list of diets tips below to help you.

1. Distribute your protein, carbohydrate, and fat intake evenly throughout the entire day and at each meal.

2. Go for whole grains and fresh vegetables over refrained grains and simple sugars, as a good amount of fiber and starch will aid overall hunger control.

3. Avoid empty calories drinks or highly processed foods whenever possible, which contain many calories and do not effect your feeling of fullness.

4. Drink 8-12 cups of water per day, The National Academy of Sports Medicine recommends individuals looking to lose weight drink 96 ounces of water plus an additional 8 ounces per 25lbs they want to lose.

5.  Weigh and measure your food to become aware of actual serving sizes.

Sample Workout routine

Congratulations, you now know the ins and outs of each step you can take to reach your goal and now all you have to do is combine them and implement them! The most important thing will be your diet followed by the exercises l listed above, but if you want results even faster, you could also do a cardio session around 3 times a week such as jogging or biking.

Here is an example of a routine someone could use in addition to dieting properly and expect great results.

Monday– Do 30 minutes cardio such as jogging or biking

Tuesday– Do 5 sets of 1 minute of lunges, then immediately 1 minute of step-ups, rest 60 seconds in-between each set

Wednesday – Do 30 minutes cardio such as jogging or biking

Thursday– Do 5 sets of 1 minute of lunges, then immediately 1 minute of step ups, rest 60 seconds in-between each set

Friday– Do 30 minutes cardio such as jogging or biking

Saturday– Do 5 sets of: 1 minute of lunges, then immediately 1 minute of step-ups, rest 60 seconds in-between each set

Sunday– OFF


5 High Protein Foods for Weight Loss

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protein food

There has been an ongoing push in the weight loss industry towards high protein, low carbohydrate diets.  Whilst some of these diets feature extreme methods that involve eliminating all forms of carbohydrates, an approach which puts the dieter at risk of nutrient deficiencies and does not develop a healthy long term eating pattern, there is some evidence that a more moderate approach to the high protein craze may be beneficial for weight loss.

It is thought that protein can satisfy hunger better than carbohydrates or fats.  Therefore a diet higher in protein may keep us fuller for longer and reduce overall intake of food.  A recent study published by The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition  suggested that when following a higher protein diet, participants ate less overall calories, as well as feeling less hungry and achieving fast weight loss.

Other studies have also found reduced levels of unhealthy fat in the blood and increased weight and fat loss in participants following high protein diets; however, further research into why this occurs is necessary before higher protein diets can be recommended to everyone.

The amount of protein and carbohydrate required in a person’s diet varies greatly depending on physical activity, age, and any medical conditions they may have.

The recommended intake of protein daily is 56 grams for men and 46 grams for women, however, a gradual increase in protein to about 120 grams per day may provide weight loss benefits.  Although there is unlikely to be any negative effects of increasing protein, it is important to speak to a health professional before increasing your protein intake drastically.

Also remember that if you are increasing your protein intake, you will need to decrease your intake of other foods such as carbohydrates and fats, or you will end up eating more calories, the quickest way to gain weight! It is also essential to maintain a balanced meal (and diet), containing whole grains, fruit, vegetables and unsaturated fats.

What Proteins to choose?

When following a weight loss diet not all protein sources are created equal.  Many sources, particularly those from animals, are high in fat and calories, and whilst they may keep your fuller for longer, you may also gain weight due to the excess calories.  The quality of the protein is also important.

Those from animal sources contain all the essential amino acids required for cell regeneration and muscle growth in the body, whilst those from plant sources tend to be incomplete.  You need to eat a variety of different plant proteins to obtain all the amino acids.  Protein sources that contain other key nutrients such as minerals or vitamins are the best choice.

5 High Protein Foods for Weight Loss

1.      Low fat dairy products

Low fat diary provides good quality protein in addition to calcium that is essential for strong bones.  Dairy can easily be added to dishes to increase the overall protein content, for example, stirring a little natural low fat yogurt into a vegetable soup.

Or make a quick high protein breakfast on the run, with a skim milk fruit smoothie.  One cup of skim milk contains 8g of protein and all the nine essential amino acids.   Be sure to choose low fat options, as these are lower in calories, and limit higher fat foods such as hard cheese to a couple of serves a week.

2.     Fish

Fish is an excellent source of protein, and can be a better choice than red meat or chicken, as it generally has lower calorie content.  For example a six pound porterhouse steak contains 38 grams of protein, but it also has 41 grams of fat (a lot of which is unhealthy unsaturated fat), and about 540 calories.

The same weight of salmon contains almost as much protein (36 grams), but has less than half the fat, and only about 350 calories.   Oily fish such as salmon and mackerel also contain heart healthy omega three fatty acids.

3.     Eggs

Eggs are an incredibly rich source of protein, as well as other important nutrients such as B vitamins which are important for converting food into energy in the body and selenium, a powerful antioxidant.  Unfortunately, eggs are also fairly energy dense and the yolk is quite high in fat.  For weight loss, you may find it helpful to use only the egg whites, which are high in protein and low in calories and fat, however as most of the other nutrients are in the egg, try to include these from time to time.

A good way to do this is to make scrambled eggs with one whole eggs and 2 egg whites, giving the benefits of the yolk, but with less calories than three whole eggs.

4.     Soy Protein

Sources such as tofu, soy milk and soy beans can all be good protein sources for weight loss.  They are naturally low in fat and generally lower in calories than meat products.  Soy protein is plant based; it does contain all of the essential amino acids, although some are in lower quantities than in animal products.  It also provides valuable nutrients such as folate, potassium and fibre and has been found to lower blood cholesterol.

5.     Poultry

Chicken, turkey and other forms of poultry, with the skin removed can all be good sources of protein in a weight loss diet.  They are a lower fat alternative to meat, but still contain all the essential amino acids and important nutrients such as iron.

It is essential to choose low fat cooking methods such as grilling, steaming or baking with minimal added fat to keep the calorie and fat content low.  Watch out for minced products as these may have fillers which lower the protein content and increase fat and calories.

Spring Clean your fitness Routine

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Health Foods and fitness go hand in hand. In that spirt, we bring you another terrific article from Cindy Lai Fitness

Spring clean your fitness routine and state of mind with 5 tips and a plateau busting workout

Ahh….the smell of spring is fast approaching and the warmth of the sun on your face is a feeling of sweet bliss to lift your spirits. Soon winter will be long gone as we prepare in anticipation of summer. Suddenly, you have finally decided to awaken from your deep slumber and the dark hole of never ending excuses, laziness and procrastination. Your head’s a bit dazed due to the hour lost through daylight savings, but don’t despair. Get ready for a positive change and a shock to your system by spring cleaning your health and fitness routine with Cindy Lai Fitness!


You need a commitment to yourself and a solid plan to stay active at least three times a week. Choose an activity you like which is also close and convenient. If you can’t make it to class or the gym, go outdoors. Incorporate a good balance of strength training along with cardio, mobility and flexibility work.


Enough is enough! If I had a dollar for every time I heard an excuse, I’d be filthy rich! There is never enough time for everything in life! If taking care of your health and mental well being is important to you, you will make the time one way or another. You only have one life. Don’t you owe it yourself to live happier and healthier in the long run?


What’s worked for you in the past will not work for you now. Back then you were leaner because your metabolism was faster and you could get away with just about anything. Our bodies are not what they used to be. As we get older, it gets harder but this does not mean we need to spend hours in the gym like we did in the past. The key is to build and maintain lean muscle mass to keep your metabolism in high gear. Of course eating wisely is also crucial in toning up and/or losing weight.


It’ll be harder to hide under those layers as the weather gets warmer out. If you want to feel good, then what you put into your body will dictate your mood and your energy levels. If you eat like crap, guess what? You’re going to feel the same. Being sluggish and lethargic most of the time will negatively impact your mood. Start eliminating processed foods, sugars, starches, and sodium and start incorporating whole foods, whole grains, more vegetables, fruits, lean protein and good fats. Hydrate consistently with at least 8-10 glasses of water a day.


Experiment to see what works best for you but stay consistent and stick with it. Those who are most successful with their fitness goals make the effort to stay disciplined and determined. You don’t need to be a gym rat, but you do need to get off your tush and move as much as possible!

If you haven’t participated in any activity for a while, the best thing is to ease into it to avoid injury. Don’t set yourself up for failure by overshooting what you cannot achieve. Be patient, start slow and steady. For the rest of you who have been staying consistent, it’s time to bring it up to a new level. Push yourself out of your comfort zone. Get involved in more recreational activities and take in what the outdoors has to offer. Everything from biking, running, hiking, watersports, races, tennis, sports or whatever your heart desires will help you progress further in staying fit and healthy. Get out of the office during lunch. Take the stairs as much as possible. Walk as often as you can. Everything counts!

Here is a quick CLF Spring workout to help jumpstart your fitness or break out of any fitness plateau:

Jumping Jacks – 30 reps

Squats – 15 reps

Pushups – 10 pushups

Jumpin Jacks – 30 reps

Squats – 30 reps

Pushups – 15 pushups

Jumping Jacks – 30 reps

Squats – 15 reps

Pushups – 10 pushups

Jumping Jacks – 30 reps

Squats – 30 reps

Pushups – 15 pushups

If you are a beginner, you can scale down the volume or substitute plank holds for pushups. Do what you can handle and work your way up to the volume. For more advanced, you can scale up the volume.

Make sure squats are below parallel and for pushups, touch your chest to the floor. It’s very easy to cheat on both movements so work on proper form for maximum efficiency.

We are 7 days away from the official start of Spring. It’s time to take in that big breath of fresh air and leave the residue of winter behind. Don’t dwell over what you have not accomplished. It’s time to move on and to move forward. Open up your mind and focus on all the positive that you can accomplish. It’s time to tidy things up. There is always room for improvement.

Cindy Lai Fitness ( Cindy runs boot camps classes in NYC.