Potluck Meeting (dinner 8.25.09)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009 2:51
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Tonight I went over to my sister’s because she is part of a group called the “Circle of Giving” and they were having a meeting. This year the group chose to support the nonprofit that I am involved with, Julie’s Family Learning, so I went to express my thanks to them for choosing Julie’s and to serve as a source of information for any questions that they had. It was potluck meeting so I had a little plate of food while I was there but I also had Will with me so I didn’t really get to sit and eat, I would just take a bite whenever I could! Jackie helped me out with him so I eventually did finish my plate and he did serve as a source of nonstop entertainment which people seemed to like. My contribution to the potluck was Bean & Corn dip – easy, tasty and healthy (pictured in upper left hand of plate). I also had a grilled chicken skewer, some orzo salad and grapes & cheese. Mike got home safe and on-time from his work trip so that was a relief and now he can do the late night Bruce walk – I’m done for the day!

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