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Friday, September 10, 2010 12:07
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Wow, I needed a blog for some encouragement and advice for a drastic change in my life so I got one of these. I get on seeing all these posts from girls wanting to lose large amounts of weight, when they are so close to a healthy size. Those kind of blogs make me feel worse about my situation. I’m 20 and I weigh about 280 and I’m 5″8. I’ve always been an overweight person, all through childhood. My family struggles a lot with weight, and I’m tired of being the way I am. I played sports throughout highschool, Basketball, Volleyball, and threw discus in track.

However, I’ve never really dieted properly. I’m starting to take vitamins (not diet pills of any sort) to build up my nutrients, and I’m starting to attempt to make healthy changes in my lifestyle. Its difficult with my family, I have a little sister who can eat ANYTHING and not gain any weight. My family doesn’t really help encourage me at all…they still buy totally unhealthy foods, prepare unhealthy dinners (like greasy chinese the other night), or buy fast food. I know i can say no to eating these things, its just difficult-really dificult. I”m hoping reading people’s thoughts and what not on this diet blog will help me a little. I’m turning to the virtual land for encouragement and ideas through this journey in my life.

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