Simple Way to Lose Weight Today!

Friday, August 28, 2009 13:41
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Simple way to lose weight What ONE thing can you do today that will increase your chances of losing weight?

Seriously, if you had to pick just one thing you could do today to get yourself on track to losing the weight you wanted what would it be?

It could have to do with cutting out all sugary drinks, going to the gym, taking a long walk, not having that afternoon sweet, or anyone of the other methods you could put in place to start the weight loss process.

What I’m saying is that you need to get your body into a rhythm. Some people work best when they just concentrate on ONE thing and stay consistent doing that "one thing" for 21 days straight (and beyond). Then after you’ve formed that healthy habit you can pick your next weight loss method to make part of your daily routine. Pretty soon you’ll have half a dozen powerful weight loss techniques accelerating you to your goal!

So what is your "one thing?"

(Feel free to post your comment so that others can learn from you and if they are at a loss for what they should do first they may be inspired by one of yours!)

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