So Long Awesome Blossom!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009 20:27
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Yes, that is correct…Chili's Grill will no longer be serving its Awesome Blossom appetizer. Thank goodness because this deep fried battered onion ring with cheese sauce appetizer contained 2,170 calories and the fat equivalent of 67 slices of bacon!

This famous appetizer was listed on Men's Health "Eat this, not that!" top 20 worst foods in America last year.
With the "Eat this, not that!" books on store shelves consumers are becoming more aware of what is actually in the foods they eat out as there can be so many hidden calories – especially in salads which we usually think are healthy choices.

Consumer interest in health and wellness when dining out is rising. The posting of calories and fat and the "Eat this, not that!" information is putting the power in the hand of the health conscious consumer.

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