Steal This From the Kids!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009 19:09
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IMG_3844.JPGMy niece turned eight years old this weekend (HBD Emma) and all she wanted for her birthday was a Nintendo DS portable game system. Since I knew she was getting it, the other night we hit the stores to pick her out a game. Turns out, the Nintendo DS system is pretty cool for the whole family! Not only are there tons of games for the kids, but there’s GREAT new fitness games too. I checked out Personal Trainer: Walking. It helps you track and log what
IMG_3856.JPGthey call your “life’s activity rhythm.” With the help of an activity meter (two included), you and a family member can count your daily steps minute by minute and transfer the information to the DS system. There you can create your own mini-Mii characters; record your steps into detailed graphs, play games, and track your fitness goals over time. Fun stuff! There’s also Yoga, Pilates, and My Weight Loss Coach for the DS. Have you tried any of them?

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