Support for a Spouse Losing Weight – 1

Saturday, August 22, 2009 13:55
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J0422107 Many clients come to me with complaints of not getting adequate support from their significant others while trying to lose weight. This can be a problem with best friends as well.  Food is frequently an emotional based issue so let’s face it, relationships frequently revolve around bonding over special times and meals together. When something disrupts this status quo there may be conflicts. The issue behind all of these situations requires loving, honest and open communication.

Problem: Maybe the other person misses take-out dinners that you shared normally on a weekly basis (like Chinese take out or pizza for example). Solution: Plan out your meal so you can indulge in it now and then. The idea is to communicate with the other person ahead of time, so the meal can be appropriately planned. This has to be done in advance since take out foods are usually high in fats and carbs which you might want to save to include in the take-out. (Use ND's Daily Needs Calculator to determine your calories and then use My Tracking to make sure you are in the correct limits.)

Problem: If the other person taunts you with something he/she is eating that is not on your plan he is probably just showing you his way of offering you love. Solution: Again, communicate. You may have to first acknowledge that you really do appreciate these gestures of love but tactfully suggest other ways he can show you his love, like taking the garbage out for you, making a low-fat dinner, or finding a more appropriate substitute that you can fit into your food plan.

Tuesday I’ll finish up with other challenges and solutions to this dieting dilemma.

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