Tasting: Maison Le Grand Sauces (Fresh Pestos, Tapenades & Sauces)

Sunday, September 27, 2009 20:53
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When we first laid eyes of the gorgeous bright packages (environmentally-friendly) that encase Maison Le Grand Sauces, we found them irresistible. The design, as well as, the function of the packaging was intriguing. A bag with a twist off cap allows you to easily add a bit of the sauces to whatever you are creating. Refrigerate again until ready to use (up to 3 weeks) or freeze.

The question that remained was: would the sauces inside live up to the genius of the packaging? We found that they did.

These uniquely flavored, artisan-quality pestos, tapenades and aromatic sauces are all made with fresh, raw ingredients, with no added sugar or preservatives. These products are made fresh weekly, and the freshness really comes through.

The creative possibilities with these products is endless. The pestos and tapenades can be used on sandwiches, roasted meats, vegetable, pizzas, pastas, eggs, rice or added as flavoring to soups or as a dip. The sauces can be used over main dishes ( fish, seafood, meats, eggs, pasta) or can be used as an marinade or used to create a salad dressing.

They come in 8 varieties ( we tried 6 of 8 varieties) and we loved them all. The color of the Lemon Confit & Pumpkin seed sauce took a bit of adjustment ( it is bright mustard yellow) but the taste won us over.

Masion Le Grand sauces can be found at many stores and online. Of course they have earned a placed in the Food411 directory! Check out their website to find many creative recipes. Below is one of their unique recipes that is quick & delicious:

Spicy Tapenade & feta Burger!

INGREDIENTS for 2 burgers

* 300g (10on) of ground meat
* 150g (5on) of crumbled feta cheese
* 5 tbsp (75ml) of spicy or mild Le Grand’s Tapenade
* A handfull of minced chives

* Mix all the ingredients thoroughly
* Form in 2 patties
* Grill on the BBQ with the lid closed and a little water for moisture or in a friyng pan

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