Tasting: Romanicos Chocolates

Saturday, September 12, 2009 13:54
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partRomanicos handcrafts their chocolates without any preservatives using Venezuelan cocoa beans. Their chocolates are outstanding examples of mixing the finest ingredients with a passion for the craft. This combination results in a product that truly stands out. Romanico’s is owned by Alejandra Bijai. In Venezuela where she was raised, her grandmother passed on the art of truffle making to her, and Alejandra has a true gift for this craft. Romanicos’ truffles are the freshest, cleanest truffles we have ever sampled (and we have tasted many wonderful truffles). They are small (which is a plus for a truffle) their texture is soft, smooth and heart warming. There are no preservatives, so they must be eaten in a few days, They only contain about 34 calories each – making them a perfect little indulgence. Their “chocolate art” pieces offer flavors such as Dulce de Leche, orange, coconut, Pistachio and Nutella. These fillings are just perfect, not sweet or gooey, like many filled chocolates. They also offer lactose free Healthy Artisan Chocolate Bars. We tasted the walnut and honey which was terrific. Alejandra doesn’t add sugar or butter to their chocolates, which provides a velvet texture and a clean taste.

Sophisticated packaging; black boxes with red ribbons, are well suited for the extremely high caliber of these creations. Many thumbs up to this artisan chocolate maker – wonderful creations. Romanicos are included in the very selective Chocolate section of our Food411 directory.

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