Training Days!

Thursday, September 10, 2009 2:11
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IMG_3967.JPGYeah, we (my son and I) survived the first day of school. He had a blast meeting his new teacher and I only shed a few tears after the bus pulled away. But after an amazing start to the school year, I found myself frustrated this afternoon as I struggled to finish my 35 minute run (my mom stopped by to check-in and I ran out for a quick run).
IMG_3973.JPGIts funny how, after months of training you can still have those moments that remind you of day one. Luckily during this summer journey I’ve also had some moments when training felt effortless. Ah, love those days!!! The rest of the week I’m taking it easy. I’m thinking a cruise on my bike one night and a quick stop at the pool for a leisurely swim. Race day is just around the corner

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