Triathlon Results!

Monday, August 17, 2009 15:02
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IMG_3902.JPGI’m not usually a huge fan of cotton race t-shirts, but tomorrow I’ll be sporting my Long Branch Triathlon shirt all day long! I did it
J I conquered my fear of the ocean swim (although I did get kicked in the face), took the road course head on with my mountain bike, and ran my heart out to the finish line. I’m proud of me and of my improved transition times (I finally got the hang of changing into my sneaks)! But the thing I’ll
IMG_3898.JPGremember most about the race was when my husband caught up to me on the last turn of the bike course and we road side by side into the transition area past our cheering boys. They thought we won (and were going crazy), and at that moment it felt like I did. Hope you had a great weekend. Don’t forget to share your accomplishments and race results.

IMG_3900.JPGTransition Tip: If you walk to the triathlon in flip-flops, don’t forget your socks!!!

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