Twice As Fun! (lunch & dinner 9.9.09)

Thursday, September 10, 2009 2:39
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DSC06405.JPGDSC06421.JPGHaving two babies around today was twice as fun as a normal day. At first I was a little nervous but I managed to somehow get them on the same schedule — play, sleep, play, eat and play again! I was pretty proud of myself for that and it made things a lot easier. I didn’t exactly have time to eat my lunch but I took a couple bites of Will’s (macaroni & cheese, turkey, goldfish and mixed frozen vegetables (corn, carrots, green beans, peas, lima beans)). Once I was back on single baby duty I made myself a smoothie of banana, skim milk, peanut butter and ice and then I had a nice big dinner to make up for my odd lunch combo.
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I made a smoothie for lunch because I was trying to run around and get the house ready for an evening showing so I figured smoothie was quick and portable! Mike wrapped up a big work project today so we enjoyed a steak on the grill with steamed green beans and couscous for supper. We had some pita chips with hummus and multi-grain tabbouleh from the Whole Foods salad bar (today was “$1.00 off Wednesday”) as appetizers since dinner was late. I think Mike is going to try to take a day off tomorrow since he has not had one in weeks so it’ll be nice to have a family day together if that happens. I am calling it quits now — I am going to read some of my book and try to stay up for Top Chef but I am recording it just in case!

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