Wacky (but it works!) Wednesday: Stuffitts

Wednesday, September 9, 2009 16:30
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It’s Wacky Wednesday, y’all! I thought I’d volunteer my experiences with a product my pal Associate Fitness Editor Liz Miersch lent me just a few weeks ago.

Allow me to paint you picture: It’s a rainy, blustery Saturday morning, and the Eastern Seaboard is being battered by the remnants of Hurricane Danny. I set out for my first super-long training run of this marathon season with my team, an 18-miler up the West Side of Manhattan, onto Central Park’s dirt-and-gravel bridle path, and back.
After a few hours of getting soaked and mud-splattered, I returned home. My sneakers were, in a word, foul. Depressed, I thought I was doomed to rock stinky sneaks for the rest of marathon training. They were gross, friends. Really gross.
But Liz swooped in and saved the day–she lent me a pair of Stuffitts, these kooky-looking foot-shaped cedar inserts that dry your shoes and absorb odor. Sure, I’ll give them a try, I said. Frankly, I thought they were hilarious.
The results: They totally worked! My shoes rose from their smelly ashes and are literally as good as new. Now I pop in the Stuffitts every night after my runs, why the heck not?
Check out these snaps of my Stuffitts in and out of my shoes:
Got any tricks for keeping your sneakers springtime fresh? Let’s hear them!
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