Weekend Wrap-Up (10.3.09-10.4.09)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009 0:46
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The weekend is not over already, is it?! One day was a total
wash out this weekend but the second day we saw the sun. We still had a good
rainy Saturday – our friends invited us over for brunch and a playdate (their
daughter is about 3 months older than Will) and that night we went to a
housewarming party outside of the city. Sunday we finally got our pumpkin at a
farm on the outskirts of Boston
then we watched some football and got ready for the week ahead…no more vacation!
We had a really nice week together as a family and it’s a great time of the
year in this part of the country to have some free time because there are
endless fall activities to take advantage of. Tomorrow we are back to the
normal routine and it looks like we have a pretty good week of weather ahead so
I plan to keep running and walking while it’s still tolerable out there. We
definitely turned the corner to fall…next up is winter, yikes!

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