Weekend Wrap-Up (8.15.09-8.16.09 + dinner 8.14)

Monday, August 17, 2009 2:13
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Vacation has started and so far we have been lucky to have great weather! Two days at the beach full of sun, sand and swimming — I love it! I don’t know if we are actually going to be able to stay the whole week in Maine so I plan to make the best of each day I do have here. We are staying at a house so we did a grocery shop and have been eating homemade breakfast, lunches and dinners so far. I think we plan to do a few meals out but it’s nice being able to pack your beach bag with your usual items and then grab a small treat (like ice cream) if you want one. Everyone is playing a board game right now so I am going to wrap this up and join them – have a great week!

Friday we did pizza because we had no food in the house and we were trying to keep the kitchen clean for the weekend house showings. Saturday and Sunday I ate at the beach and in the car a lot but was able to sit down for family dinners. Ah, vacation! 



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