Weekend Wrap-Up (8.22.09-8.23.09)

Sunday, August 23, 2009 20:32
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It was predicted that we were going to be getting hit or at least brushed by Hurricane Bill this weekend but thankfully the storm was farther east than expected and we didn’t get more than a little rain. It did cause the ocean to be a little rougher than usual and it interfered with our plan to go to the beach on Saturday — we drove there and realized there was no beach because of high tide + storm.
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We ate lunch there and watched the waves crash into the seawall for a while then we headed back to Boston to watch the Red Sox play the Yankees again. Sunday I had a little time to myself so I took Bruce on a good long walk and let him cool down with a swim midway.
Thumbnail image for bruceswim.JPGWe did some grilling this weekend because the weather was perfect for
it and we also ate out a couple times. Now vacation is officially over
and this upcoming week is going to be busy with Mike traveling for
work. I am going to get back into the usual routine and hope that Will
remembers it! Hope you enjoyed your time off too!

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