Weight Fluctuation Explained

Monday, August 10, 2009 15:57
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Let’s solve one of the great mysteries of why your body weight fluctuates on a daily basis.Weight fluctuatrion - water weight

If you stop and think about it for a second your body is more than 50% water (men 55-65%, women 45-55%) and your muscles are about 70% water. That means if you are just slightly dehydrated or retaining additional water your weight on the scale is going to fluctuate.

If you weigh 175 pounds and you were down 2% from dehydration you’d show up as 3.5 pounds lighter. It’s actually easy to see how you could sway between 3-5 pounds on the scale from morning to night, or day to day…

I hope this one explanation can shed a little light on why you need to look at the bigger picture and the overall direction in where your weight is moving instead of just taking daily snapshots.

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