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Wednesday, June 23, 2010 15:19
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This is the first part of the new “Weight loss success stories” series featured on Weight loss help and tips.net.

When it comes to weight loss I have tried nearly everything over the last few years. From all types of diet pills to prepackaged meal plans; I have bought nearly everything. Not to mention the countless hours searching the Internet for quick ways to lose weight. Over that time it seemed like nothing would ever help melt the pounds off. That is until I found the real truth about losing weight (balanced diet & regular exercise). After a few short months of taking care of what I eat and exercising on a regular basis, I started to notice the pounds were actually coming off.

When I was younger it seemed like I could eat whatever I wanted and I would never gain a pound. I was not exactly constantly on the go to burn off those excess calories, but being younger my metabolism was high and I had no problem staying relatively active. However, once I started to hit my 30s everything started to change. I slowly noticed that my pants were starting to get a little tighter. Like most people, I ignored it and let the pounds sneak up on me. After awhile it started to get a little embarrassing to be in public with no shirt on. This can really put a damper on the weekend at the beach.

So, finally after a few years I had had enough and decided I was going to finally get rid of the weight. I joined a gym and started going a few times a week on a regular basis. At first it felt good to be getting exercise, and I did feel a burst of energy which lasted through the week. However, after a few weeks of going to the gym and hitting it hard I was still not seeing the results I wanted. So, I knew it was time to take further action.

I have never been a real healthy eater so I made a concerted effort to try and change my diet. I started incorporating some low-fat meals a few times a week into my regular diet. However, the truth is I’m just not that dedicated of a person. I really like to eat and I felt I was really limiting myself. In addition, the excitement of going to the gym and making a lifestyle change was starting to wear off. It was becoming a real chore to make myself get to the gym to work out.

Since traditional methods were not working I decided to start trying diet pills. Most of these pills simply made my stomach feel upset even though they provided me with some extra energy throughout the day. In conjunction with the pills I started buying expensive meal plans. However, most of these meal plans do not provide enough calories for a grown man. I would cheat in between meals and pig out on unhealthy snacks which only exacerbated the problem.

So, this was my endless cycle until I finally realized that weight loss has only one path. I have tried everything else, so I figured why not give that a try too. The real solution to weight loss is not pills or expensive exercise equipment not even costly gym memberships. All you need is motivation; long term commitment, patience, careful but not strict diet and being physically active an alive. Living a lifestyle that is real keeping exaggerations away is the recipe for success. You do not need to starve yourself or spend endless hours in the gym to lose weight. Try to keep a balance on what you eat and on what you do and the results will come.

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