What’s wrong with gaining too much weight?

Sunday, March 6, 2011 18:22
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We talk about weight loss all the time, how about talking about weight gain instead?  Well, as we know weight loss maybe a major trend, but do those individuals who have increased weight really mind? A lot of Americans never even bother to make an effort on losing weight. Why is that? Is gaining weight any good?

Actually body fat is good for everyone, its main purpose is to protect internal organs, it helps in isolating bacterias  thermically, and it can soften physical external blow. Good fats are needed by the body as well to promote energy and also offer protection and vitamins along with it. In regards to obesity though, it is quite different. Obesity can cause great health risks and should be treated like a disease that needs attention and treatment.

Obesity is a condition in which excess fats in the body have accumulated above the average and this changes the body’s appearance and may create adverse effects on health. BMI obese threshold is usually around 30 kg/m2, once you get higher you are already obese and at risk of health conditions like, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, breathing difficulties, osteoarthritis, and even cancer. Most people usually blame genes and other conditions like endocrine problems for their weight, but the fact is that it is commonly caused by a combination of: too much dietary calories, stagnant or lack of physical ability, and a bit of heredity. Also conditions like slow metabolism may also play a big role. People with a slow metabolism eat less but they still gain more, though they expend more energy by just maintaining an increased body mass.

Well if you think about it, obesity may not be that bad. What is important is to have regular checkups and make sure that you are ready to take action to reverse such a condition.  Most people who are having great issues with obesity may be discouraged to actually make the start and lose weight. A lot of factors may be pointed out, but the most common are: lack of faith and a negative mind set. But just like any person who aspires to lose weight, all of them have equal chances. Below are few simple tips that may help you jump start your weight loss journey.

Since too much weight may cause strain on the base muscles and bones, you can start having small brisk walks which are done intermittently with rest periods. 10 minutes would be good enough, and do them every now and then to reach a total of 30 minutes (or more). The problem with people having these issues is that they resort to stagnant activities, like sitting in front of a computer or staying at home watching TV all the time. It is better to be more active and enjoy the sun. You can play outdoor sports with friends, hang out, and generally anything that keeps you moving.

Small diet changes may be needed for now, one quick reminder though is that you should never use any rapid weight loss methods when your BMI is 30 and above.  Go for small but frequent meals and add some fiber coming from fruits and vegetables. Try to minimize fast food products, processed foods and other foods having too much salt and sugar. Water is the best beverage and no other else. That’s about it.

In total it is good to increase your weight only when you really need it (growing up, because of a disease) and if you are on to forming your body. But gaining way too much weight would always be bad, just like all things, too much and too less of everything is bad.

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