What are you “Weighting” for?

Saturday, August 29, 2009 13:30
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J0422208 Are you one of those dieters just waiting for the perfect time to go on your diet? Guess what, there is no such thing as the “perfect time” to lose weight. Yes there are some times that are definitely better than other times but  there will always be social events and stress to interfere with your weight loss efforts. I love this following inspiration by Daily Motivation which puts things in perspective:

"You can start at anytime if you want to be successful.
But you have to start.

You won't accomplish anything if you wait
for all the possible objections to be overcome.

Taking a new step, uttering a new word,
is what people fear most.

Don't be afraid to live.
Don't wait for things to change.
Don't wait until you have more time,
until you are less tired,
until you get the promotion,
until you settle down,
until, until, until.

Don't wait for a major event
in your life to occur before you begin to live.

Begin where you are.
Work where you are.
The hour you are wasting now,
dreaming of some far off success,
is crowded with tremendous possibilities.

When you take the first step,
your mind will mobilize all its forces to assist you. 
Once you have started, all that is within and around you
will come to your assistance.

The only way to start down the road to success is to start."

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