What Exercise Can I Do With Shin Splints? [Forum]

Thursday, October 28, 2010 9:39
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Im almost 18 and im 5’8″ and I weigh 191lbs. I run at least twice a week and walk almost every evening and do ab workouts. But I’ve gained weight. I used to weigh 150lbs until I was taken off of my A.D.D. medicine which helped control my hunger as well as help me pay attention. I’ve gained 41lbs in a year and I just keep gaining more weight.

I want to lose weight before college but im having trouble finding ways to help suppress my hunger and when i find something that will possibly help me lose weight I have trouble sticking to it, especially since my scheduel is so screwed up.

Can anyone please give me advice on how to handle my hunger and lose weight. Also Ive just recently gotten shin splints in both legs and so whenever I run or do too much with my legs they feel llike they are about to explode. My boyfriend says I should just ignore the pain, but I dont want to mess up my legs forever.

So if anyone has any way I could get cardio without running I would appreciate you sharing that, and if you think i should ignore the pain then tell me that too. Thanks.

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