What is Super Slow Training?

Wednesday, November 25, 2009 0:23
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What is super slow training Reader Question: What is super slow training and should I be using it?

Answer: Great question! The original Super Slow training focuses on a 10-second muscle contraction when lifting the weight followed by a 10-second negative phase (lowering the weight). This type of strength training is generally done 2x per week and can be used to target the entire body. My issue with Super Slow training is that the original studies were mainly done on the elderly who were suffering from arthritis or other age related conditions (University of Florida School of Medicine). Plus, I don’t like that the Super Slow exercises are predominantly done using machines. If you’re big on using machines then this may be perfect for you, but if you’re someone who believes in working out with free weights then this may be more difficult. I hope that answers your question and tomorrow I’ll talk more about why I prefer free weights over machines!

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