What Keeps your Weight Off for Good?

Thursday, August 20, 2009 22:50
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J0411835 One thing that repeatedly comes up with weight
management is the notion of accountability. When people are
actively losing weight they need a person to report their actions to. The
problem is if a person does not learn accountability during their weight loss
phase they might be setting themselves up to fail in maintenance.

Here are some ways you can work on accountability, either in weight loss or maintenance. Ask
yourself these questions immediately after a slip in your food plan:

  • Do I know when I make my mistakes? Can I admit it to
    myself freely without beating myself up or ignoring it (neither works to
    rectify the problem).
  • Do I have full understanding of the mistakes I make? Do
    I know why I make them?
  • Do I have ownership of my challenges and circumstances?
    In other words, do I take responsibility for my actions or do I make excuses
    and/or put the blame elsewhere?
  • Do I take the initiative and work on really changing my actions?
  • Do I ask for what I need in any given circumstance so
    I can be successful?
  • Do I analyze my activities and ask how it is
    contributing to my success (or failure)?
  • Do I analyze my activities and ask is there anything
    else I can do?

Readers what do you do to stay accountable, lose weight and keep your weight off?

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