Why Choose Free Weights Over Machines?

Wednesday, November 25, 2009 22:45
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Why choose free weights over machines Here are the top 10 reasons I prefer free weights over machines:

1. You don’t have to conform your body to fit the machine
2. There’s no worrying about adjusting the seat, levers, etc to find the proper height
3. You can do free weight exercises anywhere – at home, on the road, or in the gym
4. I can do more multi-joint exercises that don’t stress just one joint like most machines force you to do
5. I can quickly switch from one exercise to another without having to wait for the next machine to open up
6. I prefer to have my clients stand when lifting (people sit all day!) and with most machines you have to be seated
7. I can come up with thousands of free weight exercises, but with machines I’m committed to only doing the same circuit over and over
8. Machines typically work in only the sagital plane (forward and back), but free weights allow you to work in all 3 planes of motion
9. Machines are not functional and do not mimic everyday lifting activities
10. I can work more muscle fiber in less time and get better results!

If you have other reasons why you prefer free weights please feel free to list them below. Also, if you like to use machines over free weights let me know why!

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