Why Veggies Rule for Weight Loss and your Health

Wednesday, September 16, 2009 0:54
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J0437209 Many dieters complain about eating veggies. There’s always an excuse of some kind from not liking them to not having the time to prepare them. (Really, does it take that long to prepare a few veggies?)
It’s actually been estimated that 75% of Americans consume fewer than three servings a day.  But when you don’t consume enough vegetables you  put  yourself  at risk  for obesity, and you are missing out on all all those phytochemicals, nutrients, trace minerals and fiber that prevent heart disease, cancer,  diabetes and numerous other health conditions.
In terms of losing weight, veggies are extremely low in calories. You could choose three generous servings of veggies or one small slice of bread or a half cup of pasta, or a small dinner roll. Think about it, which will fill you up the most?
When you are getting adequate amounts of veggies regularly you will feel much more satisfied because you are getting more volume and needed nutrients, especially if the vegetables are rounded out (at a meal) with adequate lean protein and maybe a small serving of whole grains. Balanced meals with needed nutrients and fiber from whole foods reduce cravings.
So sure, veggies are an acquired taste. (Authorities suggest it takes about ten times of trying something before you acquire the taste for it.) And yes sometimes it takes a  tiny bit of time and imagination to make vegetables more exciting, but isn’t that a small price to pay for more optimal health, weight loss and not being hungry?

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