Exercise of the Week: Supinated Bicep Curls

Thursday, October 15, 2009 20:26
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Supinated bicep curl The reason I chose to pick "supinated bicep curls" as the exercise of the week is because many people do them the wrong way.

What most people do is pick a weight that is way too heavy and a result they use improper form. Subsequently, their poor form leads to a lack of success when it comes to toning their arms and strengthening their biceps.

Since completing a supinated (palms facing up) bicep curl is fairly straight forward, the main point I want you to keep in mind is to focus on your posture. Make sure not to round your shoulders forward or raise your elbows up in the air as you curl. Instead, aim to keep your upper arms by your sides (elbow below your shoulder joint) and curl the weight as high as you can by only moving your forearms.

Lifting the weight as high as you can should not be the goal… lifting the dumbbell, band, or barbell higher by moving your upper arms will actually reduce the tension on your biceps and decrease your results. I hope that quick tip helped and be sure to put it to good use the next time you do curls!

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