One Dimensional Weight Loss

Thursday, May 6, 2010 13:51
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One dimensional weight loss I don't know about you, but I’m not a big fan of people coming up to me and trying to persuade me that they have the new "end all be all" fitness method that trumps all others…

To me the idea that only ONE form of fitness is the answer seems way off base.

I’ve been training clients for over 14 years and have seen fitness trends come and go, but that’s not even the issue. The true problem with following only one fitness method is that it makes you too one dimensional in how you train and that can lead to injury.

What I mean is that by repeating the same training modality like running or biking everyday without balancing that with anything else is not a complete program. Plus, if you don’t cycle in and out different ways of working your body you can very easily end up with overuse injuries.

I believe in creating balance within the body and that’s why I prefer people to train with resistance, cardiovascular workouts, work on their balance, stretch, breathe, and develop a functionally fit physique. Using this multi-dimensional approach you really can’t go wrong and you’ll end up achieving whatever goals you set for yourself in a fun and safe manner!

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